Friday Faves

So here it is.. time for another round up of my favorite things on the internet right now! Trust me, I’ve had time to explore the internet, I’m sure we all have!

What interesting articles/links have you found?

So what I have been doing on my lunch break is watching the Giant Panda’s cam at the Smithsonian National Zoo! They have a few other animals that I check out as well like Lions, Elephants, and Naked Mole Rats. (Naked Mole Rats? So Random!) Honestly they do not do much but it’s kind of comforting!

Miley Cyrus has started a new Instagram Live series called Bright Minded that you should definitely check out! She has some pretty cool guests and I have been hooked so far! Definitely a must! Also, everyone and their mom is going live (including me) so if you’re out of Netflix shows to watch, check those out!

I have been getting my fashion fix recently from Business of Fashion. Definitely worth subscribing to if you are into keeping up with the back end of fashion.

The Brief History of Influencers as told by CR Fashion Book

Might as well brush up on your fashion education between binging Love is Blind and that new Tiger show

How to Change your Aesthetic // Catch-Up Post

I’ve been super busy with work recently so I have not had a chance to upload to my blog. So here is a short recap of a few of my Instagram posts. I have been trying to change up my aesthetic on insta to something a bit more dreamy and sassy.


It’s crazy to look back now at how my posts have changed! I try not to take my posts off of my Instagram unless I really don’t like them or they do not go with my vision. It is something cool to look back on as to see how my style has changed. I definitely started off with a basic Instagram, then it went really girly and almost southern-blogger. Then I went through a harsh filter phase.. the dark times haha! And now I try to make it more dreamy and cool. I love bright whites, blacks, nudes and light pinks.

What’s your aesthetic right now?


UPDATE: I was super excited to collaborate with Princess Polly. I always love posting items that I actually buy and believe in!

Top : Princess Polly // Skirt : Princess Polly

Tips for changing your aesthetic

Create a vision board : Pinterest is your best friend for this!

Derive Inspiration from Others : Who is your Insta inspiration?

Get a color Scheme Going : Make a color palette and stick to it! Editing apps can also help with this

Plan out your grid : This can take a bit, but its all about the visuals


I would not recommend starting a new account, archive all of your old content if you want to start fresh and see how far you grow and how much you change your posts over time!


Sweater : 12th Tribe // Shorts : 12th Tribe



Good Girls – Season 3

If you’re like me, you are always looking for something new to watch. I have the PERFECT recommendation for you, but I’m sure you’ve already seen it. Good Girls is one of NBC’s best shows of the moment. (And if you’re like me who likes a refresh of season’s past it also is on Netflix!)

With so many twists and turns I never know what is going to happen next. The show is all about three regular mothers who’s plan to rob a grocery store takes them down a crime filled path. They get involved in money laundering, pill exchanges, murders and more! Each time they narrowly escape the FBI and have time to make dinner for their families.

When we last saw beth, she had just shot Rio as he was beating up Agent Turner. Now he’s out of the pictures and the girls are ready to build an empire all their own. Honestly, things aren’t always what they seem and for some reason, I predict that Rio might just lay low for a bit then come back because Agent Turner said that he had a chance if he called the ambulance right away… but with this show WHO KNOWS!


If you like a comedy-infused drama then this is a great watch. It’s more of a mix between ‘Thelma and Louise’ and ‘Breaking Bad’.

So who’s my favorite character? It’ll have to be Rio! He’s more of a bad-boy type and someone you just don’t want to mess with but you can’t help but be interested in! Yeah, he is definitely the “wrong crowd” but he is straight up, gets things done, and doesn’t lie about being one of the good guys!

Here’s a quick peek on his character from NBC :

Want more insights on the girls’ crimes? Check out this talk with a few more die-hard fans :

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January Wrap-Up

Okay so this is a bit late but… I have really been wanting to start writing a memoir that I would pass down to my kids and their kids about my time here in California. A dream would be for it to turn into a book, but honestly, I don’t think it would be that exciting and I’m not a writer.

Regardless I wanted to start doing end of the month wrap-ups (if I remember) to note anything special that happened during the month, any big events, ideas or just what I thought as a whole! So here it goes…

January seemed pretty long! I worked my butt off at work for Awards season and I think I learned how much it pays off when you really put in the effort. I am glad I am at a stage in my life where I can be selfish with my time and with what I choose to do with it.

I started reading more fashion-focused articles which have really helped my writing and creativity.

I landed a few cool collaborations for the upcoming months so stay tuned for that!

Because I focused so much more on work I slacked on my social media and blog. I think that is okay to take a step back, it can bring you back stronger and reignite the need for a creative outlet.


What is your creative outlet?


Joggers : Zara // Body Suit : Zara

My Designer Wishlist

I recently wrote a similar post like this one and I thought it would be a good idea to follow up! I brought together a few of my items from my designer wishlist and thought I would share.

I remember wanting to buy myself a designer handbag with my very first big girl check. That obviously did not happen because I live in LA and instead I have to use it towards rent. I am currently saving up for Coachella so I am not seeing any of these items in my near future. However, one day (sooner than later) I will buy myself a new luxury item and it will be so much better because I had to wait.


Stewart Weitzman McKenzee Boots

Cult Gaia – Eos Acrulic Box Bag $358

Cult Gaia – Metal Bauble Heel Vinyl Mules $428

Prada – Cahier Studded Leather Crossbody Bag $2290

Moncler – Parana Lacquered Puffer Jacket $1675


What’s on your designer wishlist?


Link Lovin

I’ve really been enjoying reading digital fashion articles and I wanted to share a few of my favorites in this week’s Link Lovin’. I honestly just like to go through my twitter discover page under the fashion section and see what’s new. If nothing strikes me right away, I scurry over to the search bar and type in whatever publication pops into my mind first; Paper, Who What Wear, Nylon is always a favorite.

One of my favorite articles and the reason I want a “Bushwick Burkin

Nylon’s It Girl Victoria Pedretti’s interview is so interesting… and did I mention she is only 24?

I want to read ‘American Dirt‘ and here is why

Opening Ceremony is closing down its stores and here is the back story

“Gaultier’s Great Goodbye”

I thought it might be easier to put it all in one place for you so you can have a quick read.

Would you like to see more beauty articles on the blog?

Dress : Zara // Boots : Princess Polly

When Does your

When I put on this outfit I thought it would be a little too old for me. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am 24 years old and I think if I am too old for the teeny-bopper looks or if I am too young to be dressing like someone with an established career. I think I should be dressing as if I were in my thirties sometimes because you want to set yourself up for success… however, if I grow my abs you can definitely catch me in some hip huggers!

At what age do you have to change your style?

Does it depend on the trend and making it fit your body type? Making it merge into your own personal style? Where is the line drawn before your family and friends call in Stacy London for a wardrobe makeover?

I remember going over to my highschool boyfriend’s house once and his mom came out wearing one of her 16-year-old daughter’s dresses! I’m not sure how they fit into the same size dress but even my mom was appalled when she opened the door in a zebra printed number! Now that one was obvious, but for me I think the lines are blurred.

Right now I think I can pull off both and wear whatever I would like, probably around thirty things will change, and in a good way as well. I probably won’t want to wear the same pieces anyway!

Dress: Zara