Scouting out Strangers for a Picture

Have you ever been exploring somewhere new alone, either waiting for a friend or just venturing by yourself when you stumble upon a picture perfect area? So the thought crosses your mind to take a picture! The next thought might be, but who is going to take it? Being mostly alone in California this happens to me a lot so I thought I might add a few of my tips for picking a good person to take a decent picture.

Usually, I want multiple pictures… fine at least 30 to be exact! But I need to be careful about who I choose. Even if you want a group picture these tips will usually help!

  1. Choose a girl : I usually go with a girl about 18-25 because they usually know how to get a good angle, work with the light and usually take multiple. I also ask a group of girls already taking pictures and first offer to take a group picture for them in exchange for one of your own.
  2. Know what you want it to look like beforehand : Scout out the area and I would recommend taking a picture of the area first and tell them “I want it to look like this and I will stand here” and also, “Do you mind taking multiple?”
  3. Set up the camera : Tell them if you just want horizontal or verticle and if you want flash set it up for them so they do not have to mess with the settings!
  4. Foreign Objects : Try to nicely mention not to get cars or people, but mostly you or your outfit

Lastly, keep in mind you can crop and blur some little things out so don’t sweat the small stuff! I keep these pictures pretty raw because I actually did have strangers take them! I wanted to show what it would look like taking my own advice. I also asked two different girls to take these so I could get multiple shots without taking up too much of their time.

Top : Meshki // Shorts : Cotton On // Boots : (similar) // Bag : (similar)

Where I Shop

I always get asked about new boutiques and places to shop so I thought I would compile a quick list of places where I get my favorite pieces. I really do shop around everywhere, but depending on the piece I want I will go to different places. If I have a piece in mind, I will go to different places to see if they have something similar, or if it is trendy I have my go-to places! Also if I do not have any idea of what to shoot and just want to try to find a brand new piece I also have my go-to places to shop as well!

I usually like to online shop because the sites I visit most often are not usually found at my local mall. Some of them of course are, but I also just think it’s so much easier! I hardly go to the mall to shop unless I know the store has a piece I really want so I go and see it and try it on in person. I have gotten pretty good at focusing in on materials, reading size dimensions and concluding what will work for me and what will not based on the information provided when I online shop.

I actually got this outfit half online half in person. I was looking for last minute Festival Style pieces and festival or not I am a sucker for fringe. This dress is actually from Forever 21 which is where I go to get my trendy pieces. When I am looking for a piece that is fun and lower cost, or pieces that I really like because they are trendy but I may not wear in a few months, Forever 21 is my go-to! That being said, I would consider this dress a staple dress because it is a LBD and I know I will be wearing it for a while!

Showpo is a great place to shop for cute pieces no matter your size! The pieces always fit well and are girly and fun! Definitely, a must when you are just shopping around for weekend wear!

Verge Girl and Princess Polly seem to be on the same wavelength. I am OBSESSED with their pieces and this is where I shop when I want to shoot something new but I do not have a piece in mind. The pieces are always feminine and sweet and so my style!

The ‘sweet girls’ boutique is none other than Lulu’s of course! This is a must for a sweet Sunday dress or a cute vacation outfit! Also, their shoes and accessories are mostly why I shop here!

When I am looking for something cool and fresh, I shop Asos. The prices range but when you really spend some time on the site there are tons and tons of great finds! For petite friends like me (or even my tall gals) there are subsections for you to shop your size too!

Higher End

Give me all the Lace, Frills and sweet prints brought to you by For Love & Lemons! These pieces are more special occasion pieces but they are so fun and ideal for when I am shooting!

Reformation has great basics and vintage vibes. I found a jacket there once that I just will never be able to live without!

Now I know everyone knows about this one, but for a sleek look, I shop Revolve. You really just need a piece or two to create a killer look, but I mean I would also be elated if my entire closet was made up of Revolve! (What a dream)

Hat : (similar) // Dress : Forever 21 (similar) // Necklace : Sterling Forever