Fall out of Summer

Transition season may be over, but Texas sure does not know that. I feel like I am always commenting on Texas weather but it is hard to completely switch your closet when the weather is so up and down. So I am adding a few tips on how to mix up your wardrobe for Spring to Fall to everything in between.

My dress is clearly a Summer dress but the day I wore it, it was honestly pretty humid outside. The necklace I wore with the dress was more of a Fall piece in my opinion and it matched my shoes. Honestly throwing on a cardi is just such an easy way to make a lot of outfits more fall ready.

Some Transition Tips

  1. Keep your statement piece in season : Your main piece should be a sweater for fall or some pearl jeans
  2. Add a dark cardigan over a summer dress : Just make sure the colors are complementary like the blue in my dress and the navy in the cardi
  3. Mix in some fall colors : A crop top is definitely do-able for fall as long as it is a nice maroon, dark purple or mustard yellow
  4. Booties : Booties can make even a jean and tank top look more of a fall look even if it is warm outside
  5. Dark Accessories : Wear a darker lip or a big brown carry-all for all with a thick fall hat to transform the entire outfit

Dress : Goodnight Macaroon // Cardigan : American Eagle (similar) // Necklace : Lulus // Shoes : Nordstrom

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