Austin, Tx for a Day

If you know me, Austin, Tx is one of my favorite places to travel for the day. It’s so close to me and there are so many hidden gems, there is always somewhere new to explore. I really enjoyed visiting this place called Naus Pharmacy on W. Lynn St. which had this cute store in front and a tiny diner in the back. I loved the vintage feel and the old neon signs. I really was not planning to shoot this day, I went just to enjoy but everyone started taking pictures and I could not resist.

After going here we went to the Big Top Candy Shop on S. Congress. If candy is your thing you have to go to one of these candy stores! From colorful taffy to milk chocolate balls they had it all. After eating my burger and shake an hour before I did not get any but I wish I had! Lastly we stopped at whole foods for some Mochi. I had never tried it until that day and it was great! It’s like flavored ice cream wrapped inside of a candy like substance. I obviously am the worst food describer, but I would 10/10 recommend!

Crop Sweater : Free People // Jeans : Lucky Brand // Belt : Tory Burch // Shoes : Charolette Russe

What to Wear for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is truly one of my favorite holidays because of all of the pretty pinks, rosy reds and candy hearts! Giving out personalized Valentine’s were always my favorite, and getting to enjoy all of the chocolates and teddy bears is just fun to me. For my second look for the holiday I wanted to incorporated the lovely colors and also feature a few of my favorite finds for the upcoming season.

Of course a skirt is a go-to no matter the color. Also if you are going out to dinner a nice dress is always my fave. Here are a few links to some favorite sweaters, skirts and dresses for you to check out even if you’re just hanging out at home!

Top : Showpo // Skirt : Brandy Melville (similar) // Shoes : Nordstrom

Click on the picture below to a direct link to the site

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Just a few of my picks for you, your galentine, your girlfriend, or your girlfriend. I’m asking for these exact gifts and they are all under $25 for your convenience! I actually really love these items and they would go great with something not too original like an edible arrangement and a fun date. I am so excited for the big day next week, what are some of your Valentine’s day plans?

Sigma Highlighter Brush : For the makeup girl, a sigma brush or two are sure to be her favorite gift!

Kendra Scott Nail Lacquer in Iridescent Peach : Less expensive than the jewelry pieces, I would so recommend a pretty bracelet if you’re sure on which one they want!

Mac Lipstick in Velvet Teddy : I think you can’t go wrong with a sweet lipstick! I want this color specifically and I think that this color would look great on multiple skin tones

Love and Gelato Book : I started reading this book over break and it’s so interesting! This gift is more tailored to me but a book or magazine would be a great little extra gift

Lush Hair Treatment : I live by lush! It’s my favorite and the products are great for an at home spa day!

Plush Heart Socks : You always have to have something Valentine-y in there! Something with hearts is the best idea like these cute socks


Letter to the Single Girl + Valentines Look

Dear Single Girl,

Valentine’s day is coming up and as a single girl for the first time in years I think it’s so important to realize that this is a very special holiday. It’s about true love; love of a significant other, a friend and more importantly yourself. Loving yourself even if you’re super single is so important. Buying yourself a gift that you really want is more fun then trying to fight off the crowds of people at the fancy restaurants. Teddy Bears and candy boxes are overrated in my opinion and FYI the dollar section of target has the cutest little gifts and decorations. Also, celebrating galentine’s day truly is fun! It’s the perfect excuse to party with your best single friends or enjoy the perfect cozy night in with some dark chocolate strawberries. But for real, really focus on yourself and that one guy will come along. Until then enjoy the times that you are just being yourself because you have your whole life to be with someone, but you will never have enough time to just love being you. If you want flowers, buy your own darn flowers! Be thankful you don’t have to deal with all of the hardships of relationships, knowing that one day you will get to enjoy the great parts of one because you will understand how to love someone since you have first loved yourself. True love is hard to find, but don’t focus on what your losing out on but what you are gaining. It’s a big hype for just one day, February 15 will come and you never know where you will be or who you may be with on February 14, 2019.

Top : Impeccable Pig // Shorts : Forever 21 // Purse : Tory Burch (similar)

Making Cheap Clothes look Expensive

I think the way you present yourself on the outside truly shows how you are on the inside. Everything is about first impressions and what you put out in the world is how people perceive you until they get to know you. With this in mind, I wanted to give a few tips on how to pick clothes that are cheaper but look like you spent a little more money on the pieces.

It’s all about the…

  1. Material : This is a given, but a plain chiffon blouse is going to look better than a cheaper lace top that will unravel after a few times in the washer
  2. Basics : Plain is powerful! Having a clean cut looking outfit looks better than adding a lot of statement pieces together.
  3. Neutrals : This goes with the clean cut rule. A plain navy blue blazer with good looking material says more than a bright purple sweater will even if it is expensive
  4. Trends : Having a bag from H&M or Forever 21 that has similar details to a trendy luxury bag is cheaper and just as cool! The only thing about this rule is I do NOT recommend using knock offs, that really makes it look cheap
  5. Way you Search : Look at a thrift store (blog post to come wink wink) because you never know what you will find! Places like Target and Forever 21 also have more expensive items that are still cheaper than more luxury items will be. Also scour the internet! Apps like PoshMark will have great pieces for much less than selling price!

Top : Francescas (similar) // Jeans : Lucky Brand // Necklaces : Kendra Scott and Impeccable Pig (similar) // Hat : Forever 21


Purse : Tory Burch // Rings : Kendra Scott // Cactus Bracelet : (similar)

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Picture from THIS previous post featuring white dresses under $35

How to Wear a Fur Jacket

This past Christmas I wanted this fur jacket so bad so I could wear it for New Years Eve. I was so excited when I unwrapped it and I wore it with a nude body con dress for New Years Eve. I was looking at it hanging in my closet the other day wondering how I would wear it again. So I decided to make a blog post on it. Before winter officially ends, I want to get lots of wear out of all my favorite pieces like this fur jacket.

  1. My first suggestion is the most important. Just do it! I second guessed myself so many times (even on New Years) thinking it was too much. But even if someone thinks it’s too much, it doesn’t matter because someone else may love it. And more importantly if you love it then nothing else matters!
  2. Make that your only statement piece. Wear something more casual like I did with this tank and jeans to keep the only focal point being the jacket.
  3. Make sure the colors match. My jacket is white making it easy to combine with an outfit. While a bright yellow or blue jacket really out there, that definitely more of a “look at me” piece. But if you like it, I would say go for it anyway! Refer back to suggestion 1.
  4. Don’t just stuff it in your closet. On a chilly night out pair it with a cute dress to wear between places when you’re walking outside, you don’t have to wear it all night. Just try it on with random outfits because you’re bound to find a great combo to wear it with!

Fur Jacket : Seattle VIS (similar)