Birthday Post + Birthday Discounts

Soooo I’m back, life has been pretty crazy, but without all of that, it is my birthday! 22! I wanted to do a quick recap of my weekend and my outfits, 22 facts about me, and some birthday discounts for when it is your special day!

First off, I had a great weekend with all of my closest friends. I went to 6th street, tailgate, and the square and I finished it all up with a birthday brunch at Irene’s in Austin for my actual birthday. I of course had to also go shopping and have dinner with my family. Here are some of the pictures as well as outfit details!

Denim Skirt : Forever 21 // Bralette : Free People

Body Suit :

Pink Dress : Francesca’s

22 Facts About Me

  1. My favorite color is rose gold. It used to be sparkly pink, but I think I’ve matured since then (;
  2. I NEED my beauty sleep. I can literally sleep forever especially after a long day or night out
  3. I have the sweetest puppy named Paisley… She has a lot of attitude but the sweetest little face!
  4. I’m not a huge fan of breakfast food. It’s kinda gross to me and I usually sleep past breakfast anyway.
  5. My goal for this semester was to attend every class without an absence. I already failed!
  6. I am a public relations major, but I have no idea what I want to do with that yet
  7. I wish I was more creative and artsy! I definitely do not have that gene.
  8. I went to an all girls school for middle school. I loved every second of it.
  9. I decided the guy I marry HAS to love God more than he loves anything else.
  10. I am typing this while I should be in class taking notes…oops!
  11. Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl, and the Office are my favorite Netflix show
  12. I love being at home all day but after a few days I have to get out of the house or I get stir crazy
  13. My favorite movies are scary movies or girly movies
  14. I cannot stand being outside for long periods of time… I need my air condition
  15. Going with that I like to go hiking, but I have a hard time after a while
  16. The next places I want to travel to are either Chicago or Nashville
  17. I’ve only had one real paying job at Lucky Brand. It was so fun! I also have had an internship but I did not get paid 😦
  18. I was born at 3:36 a.m. and my dad always tells me to tell my mom happy birthday because it was her “birth” day
  19. I love to read. When I find a book I really like I cannot put it down
  20. Podcasts are the best! Depending on the ones you’re listening too I get addicted!
  21. I would rather be cold than hot. Sweating makes me very uncomfortable.
  22. I’ve been to Disney World like 7 times when I was little. It truly is the happiest place on Earth!


Here are a few birthday discounts for YOUR special day!

American Eagle gives 15% off for your birthday month by signing up with AERewards

Baskin Robins gives you a free ice cream

Ulta gives you a free gift when you sign up with Ulta Rewards

Sephora gives you a free gift when you sign up with their reward program

50% off one item during your birthday month at Kendra Scott



Guide to Sorority Recruitment

While I cannot give up the details of the behind the scenes action of recruitment, I wanted to give some tips I have learned from being on both sides of the process. What to expect and what the girls are looking for, Β as well as some tips for the long days ahead!

As a freshman, I did not participate in recruitment nor was I apart of a sorority. It was an amazing year, however, now that I am apart of a sorority, I love being able to see my sisters while I am walking to class, or asking someone to hang out in the library. There are so many benefits of being in a sorority and I think it is an amazing part of college. I could go on and on about greek life but I’ll save that for another post!

As for recruitment, I will go over tips for making the most of your experience first!

Do not let anyone persuade you into where you should go. It’s your decision in the end so never let your friends influence you. You will each find your perfect home.

Trust the dang process! Okay seems scary but you will end up right where you need to be, there is no wrong place! You will find your forever friends wherever you go!

Don’t be superficial. This was a hard one for me because I looked into every Instagram account I could find! It’s not about what they look like, it’s about meeting the girls and feeling like you could fit in with them.

Wear something unique to you. Whether it is a fringe skirt, or your favorite Kendra’s, wear something comfortable that you look YOUR best in, not what you think they want to see.

For Texas State, I remember sitting in a huge room with all of the PNMs (Potential New Members) and the room was always so cold! Bring a blanket, a book, snacks, and a notebook! Write down all of your experiences right after visiting each house to look back on when you are making your final decision!

When you are in a round…

Be polite. Sounds easy, but if you do not prefer a specific house, it is still important to be nice to them. You’d be surprised how many girls are rude! Girls talk, so just because you do not like one house, they could tell their friends in another house you were not a good candidate. Besides, a bad conversation or two does not mean the whole chapter is bad.

Tell them about yourself. Not just where you are from or what you like to do.. but have three facts about yourself that you can sneak into any conversation. One example… Tell them about how volunteering at an animal shelter is something you do frequently. It shows you are charitable, and can spark up another conversation on how you like animals!

The girls want to see what you know about them. If you really like a certain house, learn a little about their philanthropy. Don’t sound like a super stalker telling them everything that there is to know about their organization! But let them know you love what they do and stand for and you could see yourself as their potential sister!

Lastly, use your resources. If you know a girl in a specific house let them know you’re friends! It’s all about networking and getting your foot in the door. Think of this process as a giant job interview. Put your best foot forward, keep your composure at all times, be yourself, and name drop. Telling them about a fun experience you have had with their sister will make them remember you in the long run!

Honestly I could go on and on forever about recruitment. I think it is a great experience and something not everyone gets to do! The girls behind the process are just as excited and probably more nervous (& tired) than you are! But they still want this to be the best possible recruitment on both ends. Make the most out of the memories. Enjoy talking to all the girls and fellow recruitees! These are the girls that will be your friends no matter where you all end up!

Fitness Tips for College

I’ve made a post like this before, but I have been thinking about tips I would actually try at school. Between having a social life and keeping up with school fitness always seems to be tough to keep up with. I have a few new tips and tricks for keeping in shape during the school year. Leave a comment to share your favorite fitness routines or go-tos for the school year.

  1. Take the long way around campus : leave to class a bit early and walk up that extra flight of stairs or bike ride to class, it all adds up in the end
  2. Set a goal : Whether you’re counting your steps or working out for 30 minutes every other day, once you finally consistently reach your goal always set a new one to push yourself
  3. Take the fitness classes at the rec : That’s one way to stay active, but it also gives you something to look forward to and to people to meet, who doesn’t love new friends? Besides it is there for you to use and you’re paying for it, try it!
  4. Get a fitness app : Who actually has the time to keep track of all of your good and bad habits? Not me! Let the app track everything for you from your calories to your fitness habits, get an app like MyFitnessPal to help track it all.
  5. Drink lots of water : Taking a cup of ice water to class is my favorite thing to do because it is a constant reminder to keep hydrated which is good inside and out!
  6. Buy good snacks : don’t wait to eat until you are starving to eat, and when you really need to eat you will already have a healthy choice in hand

Dorm Decor Under $30 + Roommate Tips

I have just a few back to school posts in the making! For this post I wanted to share some cute dorm/apartment decor items that I am loving. Your space should always be unique to YOU. Functional but still stylish. All of the items are from Target of course because that is one of my favorite places to shop!

I also wanted to share a few tips for having roommates. Whether your roommates live down the hall or in the same room, these simple tips still apply!

  1. Make “rules” clear when you first move in : to keep things from getting messy later on, make sure to let each other know your pet peeves. Lights out after 12, clean up after yourself, or not to use each other’s blankets without asking will help in the long run.
  2. Sticky notes or a dry erase board is helpful : Being able to write notes to each other like, “at a study session, I’ll be home late” is helpful and courteous and less intrusive than a text.
  3. Sharing is caring : sharing your basic items is nice and you never know when you will need some of her items as well. Do not give up your things, but giving her a tylenol for a headache is just the nice thing to do.
  4. Clear communication is key : If they are loud or annoying tell them exactly what they are doing and come to a compromise. It is not all about you or them, but making the space fun and enjoyable for each of you.
  5. Let each other know when friends are coming : Nothing is worse than walking into the room with a huge shirt and panties when your roommates date is over. Enough said.
  6. Keep your space clean : You’re old enough to keep your things in order, keeping things clean will push your roommate to pick up after herself as well.

Metal Marquee Letter

Star Marquee

Cream Mongolian Faux Fur Throw Pillow

Tuffed Accent Rug

Yay Letter Vase Set

Shower Caddy with Handle



Lemon Printed Off the Shoulder Top

Is it just me or are off the shoulder tops just the cutest trend at the moment? They go with jeans, shorts, and even most skirts when worn correctly! Not only is this such a sweet top that I have on, but I love the different variations of the top. I love how these ties are so low on the side to add a little something different from the rest. I am actually wearing a medium since they were sold out in size small but it does not feel too flowy for my small frame. I have seen this trend everywhere from bloggers to street style and I so hope it is here to stay.


Okay let’s talk Lemon Print for a sec. Perfect for summer and pair with the super thin stripes, it is a perfect combo! So girly and bright, these are my favorite types of statement pieces. Lemon printed items are just so sweet for Summer since they are so bright and feminine. I wanted to keep the main focus on my off the shoulder top so I paired this outfit with my nude lace up platforms. Simple accessories and just the right pair of jeans and you have your new go-to outfit for the season!

OTS Top : Morning Lavender // Shoes : Steve Madden

Transitioning Season

Happy Thursday! I cannot believe that summer is almost over and school will be starting up again. I cannot wait to move back to San Marcos and get the school year going. As summer comes to a graceful end, I wanted to share this top I found from Zara recently. I love the sleeve details and the colors that are perfect for transitioning to Fall. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year because out comes the mustard yellows and the darker colors for the cooler weather to come.

If you live somewhere like Texas, just because it is fall does not mean it feels like fall! We stay in this transitioning style for a long time! One day it can be hot and the next it can be cool. That’s why I love this top because the white is still perfect for Summer and detailing is such a huge trend as well. But the darker accent colors of the top can really go great for a fall outfit.

Jeans are just a staple for any season, but the light blue sandals really make this outfit a Summer outfit. An easy way to take this outfit into Fall is to wear booties instead. The bright earrings bring out the lighter colors on the top but some darker makeup will really bring out the redish-brown in the blouse! BTW the blouse is only $40!

Top : Zara (similar) // Earrings : Morning Lavender (similar) // Shoes : Steve Madden

Save or Splurge: Shoes

Every once in a while you get that urge to just splurge on that item you have been eyeing! I fully support that, and that is something I do at least once every few months because everyone deserves a little pick me up sometimes! But when that item is just way over your budget, you have to find the perfect dupe to do the trick!

I added three of my favorite summer shoes to my first edition of Save or Splurge! The Chanel espadrilles are super chic and espadrilles are the cutest summer style! I love how they can be paired with almost any outfit! The neutral color of both of these pairs is even better. The colorful pom sandals are great for Spring and Summer styles! Pops of color are always a hit and these can dress up a comfy pair of jeans shorts and a white tee. Lastly, I wear my Birkenstocks to school almost daily! They are so comfortable and easy to walk in, I am sure there are tons of dupes just as great!

I hope you like the picks and definitely let me know in the comments below if you have any requests for my next edition!




Asos Jacklyn Espadrilles

Chanel Espadrilles

Schultz Estelen Jeweled Leather Slides

Women’s Kay Slides Sandals Mossimo Supply Co.

American Eagle Double Buckle Sandals